My song for World Hunger(y) Day

It’s been a long time, I know, but at least when I’m back, it’s with something to share with you. :)10313035_644341548977453_1525448377667667610_n

I wrote a song two days ago for World Hunger Day called “The Song of Hungery”. A loyal fan and acquaintance Celeste told me about Jacaranda FM‘s campaign for the important day. I joked with her that I should write a song about it. She said do it! So, I did. I wrote and recorded it in about 4 hours.

Jacaranda didn’t get back to us about the song, so I’ve decided to make the song available for free download (right-click to download) from here. It’s a simple protest song recorded on my phone.


Download here

The lyrics are below…

I tried to avoid all cliches about hunger and write from the point of the view of the person in need. I’d love to hear your thoughts about the song here on the comments or on Facebook or on Twitter.

Thanks again to Celeste for this nudge to write! Much love.

This is Hungery
It’s not a country
I’m the president
People have no food

Hungery is my bed
I sleep heavy like a stone
Hungery is my way
stomachs dry to the bone

I hear a lot of voices
flickerin’ lights, angry wails
a lot of noise but not
a whole lot of food

I don’t wait on no government
a talkin’ flag or an important fool
I wait on you my fellow man
today’s my day, gimme some food

You were born into bounty
I could had it too
I’m like you, human too
you just had some, I nee’ some too

Giving doesn’t make you good
doesn’t make you cool, it’s not some social rule
Giving makes you a creature of mercy
So spare me now and gimme some food

The Howlin' Shibanski

So, What’s Next?

10 days ago, it was the birthday of The Howlin’ Shibanski. :o) Happy birthday! This year’s occasion was a somber one.

It’s now just me and on some days, that can be an overwhelming thought. From the day this concept of a blues project started, there were always people around. As much as I felt often that I was “alone” in this endeavor, now I am literally on my own. One day, there’s an album and tour coming; and the next – you’re looking at your lyrics with your guitar in your hand. I had thought that a self-imposed hiatus, announced recently, would give me some perspective and time to figure out what’s next. A wise friend’s quiet advice nullified all that: “just don’t wait too long”. She is right. It was daunting, at the time of the band dissolving, to think that I’ll be alone on the stage, playing the music. Pushing the goal or the project to “later” gives a person a time to go “ha! look! it’s over there! i’ll get there. Lemme just get comfy first”. But fuck comfy. You start from where you are. The hiatus I declared recently wasn’t been able to quell the itch for the stage and  performing!

I have come a long way for a guy who, 3 years ago, only sang in church or in the car or in the shower. And apart from the lyrics archived in my various notebooks, I had never taken my songs to a public forum before.  So, I know that although the next chapter is the hardest to write because it’s just my pen now, it may be the most exciting and fulfilling.

So, all you fans and skeptics and cynics are asking: what’s next? What can you really do after a band and a name being established on the scene?

I’ll tell yers.

– Some informal gigs soon to start warming up to next year.

– Exploration of the new sound and direction of The Howlin’ Shibanski. Some of the songs you’ve heard before may have a different arrangement and structure.

– Getting to know you guys better and connecting more. Despite having fans scattered across the Internet and social media, I don’t really know you on a personal level. I want to work more on that.

– Music videos and ways for you guys to engage with the music and me more.

Know that if you’ve read this far, there are “fairies moonwalking on your tongue” as my token of appreciation to you.

Here we go.

A Fan’s Story (Safe For Work! :)

I recently met a fan after the last gig at The Library at the Brazenhead Sandton. She loved the show and music and – this always makes me happy – the words! We exchanged a few e-mails and the other day, I got this equal parts hilarious and humbling story.

I have to tell you this funny tale… well, at least you would appreciate it.

Two weeks ago I went to Flora Clinic for my annual mammogram. After the X-ray, some cute doctor called me in for the sonar, just to check if anything else shows up, even if the mammogram is clear.

When he started to squelch that cold gel on my chest, he overdid it a bit and some of it went down my armpit… and around the sides of my neck. He didn’t notice it at first, he just went on with that wand-thing, checking for any strange blobs on the screen.

And in my head I heard you tell the microphone:  “I gave her a pearl necklace and she gave me her heart…”

I started grinning. Couldn’t help myself. The gel was warming up, becoming more runny. “Oops,” said Doctor Cute, “Apologies for the mess…” and I started giggling, hee heeheeeeeee, laughed even louder, this was just too funny.

Doctor Cute looked a bit bewildered, even nervous. I composed myself to let the man finish his work, he found no blobs, and left the room rather hurriedly so I could get dressed.

First time my life I left Flora Clinic cackling like a loon.

Thanks for that.  :-)

Update on Park Acoustics this Sunday

Hi, fans.

After further legal consultation and despite my announcements on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram yesterday, I won’t be performing on Sunday.

Although all the marketing and promotional material says otherwise, The Howlin’ Shibanski won’t be performing; a nameless band, led by Kobus from The Black Cat Bones and consisting of the ex-members of The Howlin’ Shibanski, will be on at 2pm.

They have no affiliation or relationship to The Howlin’ Shibanski in any shape, way, or form. If they use any form or derivative of  the name The Howlin’ Shibanski, just know that it’s not the real thing.

If you see any blog posts, interviews, or hype around Sunday’s set, please know that I didn’t authorise or give consent to them. They don’t represent me at all. I would appreciate it that if you notice or read something, you give me a shout on Twitter.

Enjoy the rest of the show.

Mina Demian.

An Update for You, the Fans

Hello, fans.

I wanted to tell you what’s going on with The Howlin’ Shibanski since our last post on the Facebook page. Linking isn’t working right now in WordPress, so fulltext below:

The Howlin’ Shibanski is no more. Our last gig will be at Park Acoustics at the end of August; Midiane The Stranger won’t be with us, we’ll have another vocalist on the day. Thank you to all the fans and all the support over the years. This is a sad day.

2 weeks ago, the band dissolved. There’s now an ongoing legal dispute between myself and the former members of the project.

The Howlin’ Shibanski  is now on hiatus until 2014. I will then relaunch it as a solo project. Stay in touch through Facebook, Twitter, and ReverbNation.

Thank you to all the fans who’ve stayed true to The Howlin’ Shibanski and I hope you’ll be with me on this next leg of the journey.

I will keep you posted.


Mina Demian – The Stranger